Announcements: September, 2011

Prospective Graduate Student Applicants to SEAS September 23rd, 2011

We are receiving many inquiries about PhD studies in the DBG during this admissions season. I cannot respond to all email inquiries, but let me list the traits of successful applicants to our lab to better inform candidates about their chances:

A. All the applicants have good grades, but at SEAS you probably need to have a GPA >3.5 to be competitive

B. Successful applicants usually have 2+ years of research experience and their name on an abstract or paper. For applicants with industrial experience, the applications are looked at a bit differently

C. Generally, the typical BME curriculum is not adequate preparation for graduate studies in engineering at Harvard. Extensive coursework in mathematics, mechanics (fluid and solid), and control theory is looked upon favorably.

D. Your application to Harvard should state specifically which laboratories you are interested in working in, listed by name of the PI. Its the only way to make sure your application is reviewed by a PI. Listing by subject area doesn’t really help us sort thru all the applications we get.

I hope this helps and good luck in your applications!

Prof Parker