Announcements: October, 2011

Postdoctoral Positions in the DBG October 14th, 2011

We have several open postdoctoral positions in neuroscience/neuroengineering and marine biomechanics:

1. Neuroscience/neuroengineering: We are building small brain pieces for drug discovery and safety pharmacology, as well as to test our own theories about information processing in the brain. Our primary interest is building a 1 mm^3 amygdala.

2. Marine biomechanics: We are interested in uncovering the design laws, conserved across species, of muscular pumps. This includes marine organisms such as cephalopods and jellyfish. Correlating muscular architecture to hydrodynamic performance is the primary objective of these studies.

All of these positions require a doctoral degree in an appropriate field and a demonstrated publication record in the field. Applications in the form of a single PDF file containing a cover letter, resume, and up to three examples of first author papers should be forwarded to Prof Parker ( A list of references should be submitted with the resume with contact information. Please state “Postdoctoral Applicant – X” in the subject line, where X is either neuroscience/neuroengineering or marine biomechanics as appropriate.