Announcements: June, 2013

Congrats to Dr. Ashutosh Agarwal!! June 27th, 2013

Congratulations to Dr. Ashutosh Agarwal who has accepted a position as an assistant professor of Biomedical Engineering at University of Miami with a secondary appointment in Biomedical Nanotechnology Institute, Department of Pathology, Miller School of Medicine! He will arrive in Miami to start building his laboratory team in Jan 2014. Congrats to Professor Agarwal!!

Welcome to the DBG June 4th, 2013

The DBG is pleased to announce that Dr. Moran Yadid and Dr. Eswar Iyer have joined us on June 3rd as Post-doctoral fellows.  We are excited about their arrival.

By way of background, Moran comes to us from Loyola University, where she was a Post-doctoral fellow in Professor Pieter P. deTombe’s lab. She was working on calcium measurements in skinned cardiac cells, with laser scan confocal microscopy.  Moran did her PhD. Work at Technion, Haifa in Israel.  Welcome Moran!

Eswar joins us from George Mason University where he was a Post-doctoral fellow in Professor Daniel Cox’s labs.  Eswar received his PhD. from George Mason University under the direction of Professor Cox.  Welcome Eswar!