Announcements: December, 2013

Graduate Studies in the DBG December 6th, 2013

Folks, there is more email traffic from PhD applicants than I can respond to. I have posted previously on what your application should look like, so scroll thru our News to see specifics.
Here are the first things I look at when I review an application:
1. Your math (this filters out about 90% of the applicants with BME undergraduate degrees…gotta take PDEs and complex variables)
2. Your lab experience
3. Your grades
4. Your reference letters. If the best thing your letter writer can say is that you sat in front of class, asked questions, turned in HWs, and got an A in the class, that doesn’t really distinguish you.
5. Your essays. Nothing is done until its published. If you can’t write a good response to an essay question, with good English, sentence and paragraph structure, I can’t take you.

Prof Parker

Welcome to the DBG December 5th, 2013

The DBG would like to welcome Isabelle Huggler from the Department Health Sciences and Technology at ETH, Zurich. Isabelle completed her Bachelor studies in Food Engineering in August 2013 and she has joined the DBG for an internship for three months before she returns to ETH to start her studies for a Masters. Isabelle will be working on a project that will draw on her Food Engineering expertise. Welcome Isabelle!